Who are we ?

New Momentum is a company which brings together a wide range of financial activities and is broken down into three different entities Consulting, Investments and Institute. Each has a specific purpose and together the entities
offer a comprehensive capital markets solution.

New Momentum consulting

Our goal is to assist you with all the financial projects in your company. This means that you will have dedicated teams to assist you with each capital market but also with your financing or cash management projects. Our reputation and experience in the banking world have also allowed us to extend our consultancy services to include mergers & acquisitions and audit tasks.

New Momentum Investments

was created to offer you the best investment advisory on various products in the capital markets. Regardless of whether you are an Investor or primary Issuer, our goal is to help you access to the best market opportunities available in order to improve the profitability of your transactions.

New Momentum institute

is the last section of the New Momentum triptych. We would feel there was something missing if we did not share our knowledge and experience, so we have decided to offer you a space where training is valued. We are very selective and only choose trainers who have extensive experience in their area of skill. Theory is certainly important, but becomes truly meaningful in its application. Whether it is one of our flagship programs or a particular request, we will do our utmost to pass on the knowledge you need.

Why New Momentum ?

Based on the simple observation that each problem is different and that each market pattern is also different, we advocate tailor-made solutions which are perfectly suited to current conditions. For too long, market finance has been too complicated and we believe that nowadays, on the contrary, common sense is key in a situation where too many pre-established models have demonstrated their limits.

Specialising in market finance with professionals who have worked for various investment banks in different countries, we are able to provide all kinds of solutions or analyses of the different capital markets. We have established our expertise with our clients by developing THE solution to THEIR problem.

A trading room represents a significant investment for companies. New Momentum provides all the services and the requirements of a banking trading room, all the while establishing a relationship based on trust. The risks inherent to financial markets do not need to affect your results. A range of products can be used to protect your income, in accordance with the specific nature of your company.

New Momentum is also at your side when it comes to a merger or an acquisition (target study, financing product suggestions, hedging against market risk, searching for potential purchasers, etc.), an accounting audit or assistance establishing new ethical or compliance standards.

Finally, New Momentum not only stands out because of its comprehensive solutions, but also because of its desire to improve your knowledge and experience with training provided by the New Momentum Institute.

As you can see, New Momentum is, above all, a global professional partner.

Our values

Performance culture: a vital driving force
Having held down the most competitive occupations, our consultants have continually developed their quest for improved performance. Though they were serving banks yesterday, they are now completely dedicated to the needs of our clients. Your main goals will become theirs.
Our operations put you at the centre of our developments.

Our independence: freedom of decision
We are independent from all other players in the market; as a result, our decisions are made purely in the interest of our clients. Our product criteria therefore directly represent real needs and are not in any way influenced by potential economic returns.

Expertise: valuing experience
We are convinced that a good market trader is, above all, a professional who can survive crises and market turbulences. So we only work with individuals whose work is directly linked to their area of skill and who have at least 5 to 7 years’ experience.

Proximity: your trust is our best asset
We know that a relationship is built over time, so we assist you with all your problems so that we may become your trusted partner. In our opinion, sustained and customized client care is the only way to sustainably develop our relationships.

Our commitments

  • Quality

    Our perspective is that no relationship is permanently ours and that we are putting our reputation on the line when completing each task. As a result, we require extreme attention to our work from ourselves. Consistent excellence is, in our opinion, the only grounds for consolidating a collaborative relationship.

  • Monitoring and assistance

    We continue to provide assistance throughout the lifespan of the products handled using our services. Our professionals are also at the disposal of our clients for specific requests.

  • Innovation

    Our professionals are continually searching for new solutions and are always on the look-out for innovations which can provide our clients with the most complete solutions. Our high-performance tools mean we can adopt a new approach to the risks inherent to the capital markets.

  • Confidentiality

    Confidentiality is a key issue, so we have chosen specialist solutions offering data confidentiality and high-performance protection. Our clients remain the owners of their information.

  • Security

    We have selected our data storage service from among the most sophisticated solutions on the market. All data is securely encrypted. File hashing and segmentation functions also make the data stored anonymous.

Our Teams

  • Former Traders from international investment banks

    With significant market knowledge, traders are capable of detecting opportunities.

  • Former Sales from international investment banks

    Their role as first point of client contact has meant that they have faced a multitude of problems.

  • Former Structurers from international investment banks

    Product choice and construction. They offer you the best solution.

  • Economists

    Their economic forecasts and analyses are an important asset for making the right decision.

How to join us ?


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1 rue Rossini 75009 Paris, France

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