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New Momentum Consulting has a wide range of services in order to provide optimum answers to financial problems. Each service is provided by professionals or consultants with extensive expertise in their field, giving you access to the best possible solutions every time. We created New Momentum Consulting in such a way that the various departments can communicate with one another in order to offer complete solutions. You do not have to worry any more about making the connection between all your consultants, as we are able to globalise everything to offer you the best of New Momentum.

Trading Room

Access to a trading room is an undeniable asset. This is the hub of New Momentum and allows for improved perception and management of financial risks. With the assistance of dedicated experts, you can efficiently take advantage of optimum solutions.

The services
  • Assistance when operating/trading on financial markets: Assistance with all the various executions procedures, underlying market analysis (charts, trends, market risks, etc.), market price verifications, order monitoring, confirmation and termination or liquidation of completed transactions, management of MIFID regulations, etc.
  • Pricing or valuation of financial products
  • Problem studies: Analysis/raising awareness of the client’s risks and needs, presenting optimum solutions/strategies in accordance with market patterns, etc.
  • Risk management: Optimising risk management by monitoring open positions and identifying opportunities, restructuring existing positions which are the best suited to new market conditions, etc.
  • Market analysis: Technical analysis of a market and players who influence the market, trend analysis or prediction, economic and financial research, etc.
  • Debt restructuring: Analysis of the debt profile, renegotiating monthly payments, interest rate products and market opportunities, etc.
Bond Markets

Based on the observation that access to bank credit was no longer meeting today’s expectations and needs or that some counterparties with liquidity continued to be disappointed by the returns offered, New Momentum has reinforced its position in the bond market. We believe that Investors and Issuers in this market are able to provide one another with the answers that traditional players have been unable to provide.


Finding attractive returns while investing in strategic companies or business sectors, diversifying your liquidity in additional markets, securing your investments with the selected stock baskets, etc. are just a few of the options New Momentum provides.


As a general rule, diversification of financing sources is a real problem for our partners, whether or not they are listed on the stock exchange. With this in mind, we help you to:
- establish your public bond issuances, private investments or syndicated bond issuances.
- develop your various options in terms of bond issuance programme by contacting institutional investors or individuals.

Financial information

Being well-informed or continuing to be well-informed has become a vital concern when making any decisions. In this ultra-connected world in which we live, accessing the correct information is a challenge. To save you time, New Momentum will provide you with targeted information upon request and will send you a summary of important events.

New Momentum Consulting has an entire market or asset analysis department. Keep yourself informed of the past and the present in order to better predict future trends. No matter what your request is, we will endeavour to provide a customised answer to your needs.
In order to do this, New Momentum Consulting has developed an entire range of tools: our Newsletters will give you regular and concise information regarding the markets (prices fluctuations, etc.), our customised market analyses will optimise your access to the information and our product sheets or seminars (see also New Momentum Institute) will complete your financial knowledge.

Project financing

Financing your projects in accordance with the characteristics of your company is often a complex and technical problem. Each stage involves risks and costs. We will assist you throughout all your processes to optimise your financing and to raise your awareness of the risks involved. New Momentum Consulting will be your dedicated partner in the development of your company.

The Preliminary Project

Our teams will work with you to identify your needs and will analyse your project’s profitability/risk ratio in order to optimise solutions based on your constraints.


New Momentum Consulting will help you to assess the overall cost of the project in order to keep to your budget as closely as possible while establishing the overall financing framework or while performing final research for sources of financing.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We are aware that companies must continually fight for renewed dynamism in order to develop their activity and their income. As a result, New Momentum Consulting is able to offer you a comprehensive solution to your merger and acquisition problems. These solutions are comprehensive both from a legal point of view, thanks to our partnerships with large international law firms, and from a financial point of view, with a range of services at your disposal.

Financial services

New Momentum Consulting stands beside you when searching for potential targets to acquire or when selling one of your subsidiaries. Whether we are advising you during the stages of market research, documentation, financial analysis or negotiation, New Momentum will help you stay in control of the process already underway and complete your transaction under the best circumstances.

Legal services

Our partnerships with large law firms allow you to enjoy a comprehensive solution where your legal obligations are simply a formality at each stage in the process. By globalising these services, New Momentum gives you the possibility of concentrating on what is most important: your merger or acquisition.

Cash management

Limiting one’s operating costs is as difficult as improving one’s results. But without controlling and rationalising your expenses, income will always be limited. This is why New Momentum Consulting has developed a service to optimise the day-to-day management of your business.

Partnering with New Momentum :

We help you to monitor and optimise the management of your incoming and outgoing financial flows, whether this is with a bank or with your business structure. We look for the best logistical approach, based on the set-up and the parties involved, simplifying procedures, securing the masses of monetary flows which occur and the costs incurred.


In addition to being a legal obligation, financial audit and account certification provide credibility and relevance to the financial information that companies publish. The comprehensive check performed by auditors also makes it possible to better control accounting and financial procedures within the company and to improve management of risks which are inherent to the company’s business.

Audit and account certification

New Momentum is here to help you complete accounting and financial audits or to help you with account certification. We partner closely with auditors who will be able to analyse and certify your annual financial statements.

Optimising internal procedures

We are aware that in order for a company to grow, it must have a solid foundation which is recognised by good financial communication. This means that the availability of audit and account certification services will allow you to improve your internal control environment, your accounting and financial risk management and your communication with shareholders and the market. This is part of New Momentum’s comprehensive effort to help your company make progress with all its financial problems.

Ethics & Compliance

Under constantly changing financial circumstances, market conduct regulations and the various government and institutional standards are also changing. As a result of the financial crisis, the frequency with which these standards change has increased dramatically, and institutions are now more careful to respect established regulations. A company must always be in line with new standards, and must be beyond reproach when applying these regulations.

A risk worthy of consideration

Nowadays, defaulting on your compliance obligations is not only a financial and/or criminal risk on the part of the regulator but also poses a risk to your reputation which could affect your credibility.

Continuous updating

New Momentum is aware of the increased rhythm of changes in these regulations and will assist you to regularly update your ethical and compliance procedures. We also organise training seminars to explain these changes and their implications in detail (see New Momentum Institute).

Introducing automatic management tools

New Momentum Consulting pays very close attention to all existing or new solutions which make it possible to simplify and optimise our clients’ tasks. We invest continually in internal tools in order to optimise your everyday management.

Internal tools

The everyday needs of our clients (whether or not they are listed on the stock exchange) have led us to develop our own tools in order to meet their specific needs. Our solutions are above all designed and developed to provide solutions for everyday tasks. New Momentum can, for example:

  • manage your market orders with alerts when market orders are close to execution level
  • allow you to edit your position or risk reports on the various capital markets
  • allow you to automatically manage your financial flows
  • manage the use of derivative products in real-time on the FX market

External tools

New Momentum is at your side to help you find the automatic financial operation platform which best meets your needs. We can also help you in their setup.


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