How we proceed

New Momentum Institute* welcomes professionals who want to learn and those who want to share their knowledge. We are constantly evolving and have modern educational tools (e-learning etc.) at our disposal. Our goal is to help meet the needs of professionals in accordance with the circumstances. Using solid knowledge to create professional projects is an additional guarantee of success. Regardless of whether you are at the beginning or in the middle of your career, New Momentum Institute has been designed to grow with you, offering you training which ranges from beginner to expert levels.

*New Momentum Institute is a commercial denomination of New Momentum Partners SL on the training activity

Our trainers

We are very involved in selecting our trainers, and, first and foremost, we work with professionals with extensive experience in their area of skill. Theory is certainly important, but becomes truly meaningful in its application. Training programmes are therefore selected in accordance with their relevance, with a view to providing the practical knowledge necessary for everyday practices.

The backgrounds we look for reflect New Momentum, versatile and come from various different sources. We are expanding our catalogue as a result of the arrival of carefully selected trainers. These trainers may be former team leaders or they may be professionals who continue to practice, sophisticated technicians or renowned generalists.

Our trainings

The advantages of our training
  • Training provided by experts for professionals
  • A pedagogical approach under real-life circumstances (practical case studies with concrete problems)
  • Flexibility which is adapted to suit the characteristics of the participants
  • Skill-based levels for more efficient training
  • New Momentum Institute is a training institute registered under the declaration number 11995298975

Subjects offered

(non-exhaustive list)
& Compliance
Capital markets

(FX, Rates, Shares,
Technical Analysis, etc.)


(financial presentations,
public speaking, etc.)

Your specific

Training centres

  • In one of our meeting rooms (address provided on your training notification).
  • Directly in your office (upon request); contact our team to organise a customised seminar
  • In our e-centre: connect directly from your PC at a pre-determined time in order to attend your training session (class with several other participants or private class)

Customized training

New Momentum Institute allows you to personalise both the content of your training and its location (on your premises, in our space or in our e-centre). We will analyse all requests and provide you with a quote before any commitments are made. We will identify all your needs and we will propose the most suitable solutions to you. Our only limits will be your limits.

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