How we proceed

Our numerous institutional and corporate relationships will offer you a selection of the best investments on the capital markets. By using our networks to extend the range of your counterparties, you will multiply your options. The quality of our services brings you an added value that differentiates us from the classic advisory provided by Financial Entities.

New momentum Investments

offers you the option to :
  • Identify the best opportunities
  • Identify any kind of investment which will solve your problems
  • Build structured products in order to optimise your solutions
  • Propose your own investments to investors
  • Optimise the profitability/risk ratio of your transactions
  • Diversify your investment solutions
  • Assist in managing administrative and legal procedures
  • Assist in managing the execution and confirmation of your transactions

Our research methods allow us to sound out in real time the widest range of products in the various markets. New Momentum Investments core aim is to create a sustainable partnership with your company by customising our advisory process.

Plain vanilla deposits

Whether you want to buy or sell fixed deposits with various maturities, or you want to work with new counterparties and simplified procedures (turnkey products), New Momentum Investments will assess the risk/return ratio in accordance with constraints you impose on us. We will find the proper offer and we will assist you in the pre and post execution.

Structured deposits

Our Structuring team will allow you to access the investment products which are best suited to the constraints imposed by your cash flow, or will give you the option to sell innovative deposits on your own behalf to future investors. New Momentum Investments then optimises your profitability in accordance with market conditions.

Customised investments will allow Investors or Issuers to generate new sources of income. The vehicles we support are varied: currency, interest rates, equity, bonds, indices, credit and commodities.

Commercial paper

In order to respond to new liquidity and counterparty diversification problems, our sellers provide you with a wide range of Corporates for purchasing or selling their paper. There are many advantages of Commercial Paper. Their Rating/Return ratios are often better than institutional ratios, and the maturities are better suited to accounting problems.

Governement paper

Whether this is after an issuance of State securities or permanently on the secondary market, our experts are continually on the look-out to take advantage of the best profitability at the best prices. In this highly secure market where the contributor is a Government, investors must know how to analyse the right market Momentum in order to identify the opportunity.

One of the advantages which has made these products attractive is their high liquidity. Whether you decide to mature your paper or to sell it before it matures, New Momentum Investments will be at your side to optimise your investment.


Why New Momentum Investments?

New Momentum Investments’ primary mission is to offer you the best opportunities
which are currently available with a view to optimising your profitability.

We do our most to assist you using the best specialists in each kind of product in all the markets in which we work. We customise our service to the company and we are committed to the major principle of transparency. Risk must be connected to profitability. New Momentum Investments will help you maintain this balance by informing you, in real time, of fluctuations in the various markets in which you work. The markets are full of opportunities; New Momentum Investments will help you find them.

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