Ethereum and “The Merge”

  • On Thursday, Ethereum, a crypto worth $200 billion, finalized an extremely crucial upgrade to its systems. It has been called “The Merge”, because of the joining of the existing execution layer of Ethereum with its new proof-of-stake consensus layer, i.e. the Beacon Chain. Its main target was slashing energy costs, as, from now on, this crypto will use only 0.05% of the energy that used before.


  • As a consequence, “The Merge” will address one of the main objections against cryptos, energy consumption, especially taking into account its current costs. Moreover, thanks to this, investors are expecting that Ethereum will stabilize more and perhaps even increase its return.


  • In conclusion: it seems that Ethereum hit a more “mature” stage, where volatility and anarchy may be progressively reduced to allow it to move closer to “traditional” coins.

Source: Financial Times