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Access the best opportunities in the global markets

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Access the best ESG opportunities 

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Take part in the Debt Capital Market as an Issuer or Investor

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Financing your projects in accordance with the characteristics of your company is often a complex and technical problem. Each stage involves risks and costs. We assist you throughout all your processes to optimise your financing and to raise your awareness of the risks involved. New Momentum Advisory can be your dedicated partner in developing your company.

The Preliminary Project
Our Teams work with you to identify your needs and analyse your project’s profitability/risk ratio in order to offer solutions based on your constraints.

New Momentum can be your partner throughout all the process in order to find the most suitable investor and reach your objectives.

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New Momentum Advisory pays very close attention to existing or new solutions which can simplify and optimise our clients’ tasks. We invest continually in our internal tools in order to optimise your daily tasks.

Internal Tools
The needs of our clients have led us to develop our own tools in order to meet their specific issues. Our solutions are designed and developed to solve all the problematics arising from your daily tasks. New Momentum can, for example:

  • Manage your market orders with alerts when close to execution level
  • Allow you to change your position and customise your risk reports in all capital markets
  • Allow you to manage your financial flows automatically
  • Turn to derivative products in real-time on the FX market when necessary

External Tools
New Momentum stands by your side to help you find and set up the most suitable platform for your needs.

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Information has become a vital concern when making any decisions. In this ultra-connected world we live in, accessing the correct information is challenging. To save you time, New Momentum provides you with targeted information upon request and sends you a summary of important events and key metrics.

In order to do this, New Momentum Advisory has developed an entire range of tools: our Newsletters give you regular and concise information regarding the markets (prices fluctuations, etc.), our customised market analyses optimise your access to the information. Finally, our Seminars (see also New Momentum Institute) allow you to maintain the necessary level of knowledge to excel in a constantly changing environment.

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Controlling operating costs is as difficult as improving  results. But without managing your expenses, income will always be capped. This is why New Momentum Advisory has developed a service to optimise the day-to-day management of your business.

Partnering With New Momentum:
We help you monitor and optimise your cash flow management, looking for the best logistical approach, depending on the set-up and the involved parties, simplifying procedures, securing the inflows, and the costs incurred.

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Access to a trading room is an undeniable asset. With the assistance of dedicated experts, you can efficiently take advantage of optimal solutions.

The Services:

Assistance when operating/trading on financial markets: Assistance in all the different execution procedures, market analysis (charts, trends, market risks, etc.), market price checking, order monitoring, confirmation and execution or settlement of transactions, management of MIFID regulations, etc.

Pricing or valuation of financial products

Problem studies: Analysis of the client’s risks and needs, presenting optimal solutions/strategies in accordance with market patterns, etc.

Risk management: Optimising risk management by monitoring open positions and identifying opportunities, restructuring existing positions which are the best suited to new market conditions, etc.

Market analysis: Technical analysis of the market and its relevant players, trend analysis or prediction, economic and financial research, etc.

Debt restructuring: Analysis of the debt profile, renegotiating monthly payments, interest rate products and market opportunities, etc.

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Training has, more than ever, become a vital tool for improving skills and thus improving one’s career or teams.

New Momentum Institute offers a range of resolutely practical training which is organised by experienced professionals.