New Momentum Investment

Each market has its opportunities : we will help you find them

How do we proceed

Thanks to our extended institutional and corporate network, we can offer you a selection of the best investment opportunities in the market. In doing so, you would be able to increase the number of counterparties you work with, multiplying your options and receiving more benefits from diversification. The quality of our services brings you an added value that differentiates us from the classic Financial Entities



Identify the best opportunities


Identify the right solution to solve your problems


Build structured products that fit your requirements


Propose your name to other investors when financing is your priority


Optimise the risk/return ratio of your transactions


Diversify your investment solutions


Assist in managing administrative and legal procedures


Assist in managing the confirmation and execution of your transactions

Our research methods allow us to sound out in real time the widest range of products in the various markets. New Momentum Investment´s core aim is creating a sustainable partnership with your company by customising our advisory process.


As the ESG topic has become a primary criterion of diversification for both our Issuers and Investors, we have developed an innovative and rigorous approach in order to adapt our financing and investing solutions to these new standards.


Nowadays, companies are coming to terms with two main problems: on the one hand, some of them are facing the mismatch between their expectations and the effectiveness of traditional financing options offered by banks; on the other hand, some others are not being able to find profitable alternatives to invest their excess cash in. For this reason, New Momentum has reinforced its presence in the Bond Market.


New Momentum can help you find opportunities with attractive returns without neglecting your restrictions regarding risk exposure, sector and geography.


Generally, diversification of financing sources is a real problem for our clients, whether or not they are listed on a stock exchange. Keeping this in mind, New Momentum can help you:

  • structure your public bond issuances, private investments, or syndicated bond issuances.
  • build a MTN program providing a higher degree of flexibility for your financing strategies.

Wether you want to buy or sell fixed deposits with various maturities, or you want to work with new counterparties and simplified procedures (turnkey products), New Momentum Investment assesses the risk/return ratio in accordance with constraints you impose on the deal. We can find the proper offer and we will also assist you from pre- to post-execution.


Our Structuring team allows you to access more complex products which can suit better your investment policy or adapt to the constraints imposed by your cash flow. In doing so, you can optimise your profitability in accordance with market conditions.


Whether this is after an issuance of State securities or permanently on the secondary market, Our Trading Team is constantly monitoring the market to seize the best opportunities in both primary and secondary market for Sovereign Bonds. In this highly safe and strongly liquid market, where the debtor is a Public Entity, investors can be advised to buy or sell with the right timing.
Whether you decide to buy and hold until maturity or to sell before, New Momentum Investment supports you to optimise your investment.


In order to respond to new liquidity and counterparty diversification problems, our Sales Team can provide you with a wide range of CP issuers to trade. Corporate Commercial Papers grant a few advantages: their rating/return ratio is often better than other products issued by Institutional counterparties, and their short maturities usually are a better fit to accounting requirements.

Why New Momentum?

New Momentum Investment’s primary mission is to offer you the best opportunities that are currently in the market for an optimal allocation of your liquidity.

We customise our service to your company’s needs and we are committed to the major principle of transparency. Risk must be connected to profitability. New Momentum Investment will help you maintain this balance by informing you, in real time, of fluctuations in the various markets that are relevant for your business. The market is full of opportunities: New Momentum Investment helps you find them.