About New Momentum

New Momentum is a company which brings together a wide range of financial activities and is divided into three different entities Advisory, Investment and Institute. Each of them has a specific purpose and together they offer comprehensive financial solutions

New Momentum Advisory

Advisory’s goal is to assist corporates in all their financial projects, providing them with a dedicated team for their financing (Capital and Private markets) or risk management (Cash, FX, Rates) tasks. Our reputation and experience have also allowed us to extend our services to M&A and audit related tasks

New Momentum Investment

Investment was created to offer you the best investment solutions in the capital markets. Regardless of whether you are an Investor or an Issuer, our goal is to give you access to the best opportunities available in the market aiming at improving your company’s profitability

New Momentum Institute

Institute is the last section of the triptych. We knew something was missing. Therefore, we decided to share our knowledge and experience to offer you a valuable training. We are very selective as we only choose trainers who have extensive experience in their field of activity. Theory is important, but it truly becomes meaningful in its application. Whether it is one of our flagship programs or a particular request, we will do our utmost to offer the formation you need

Why New Momentum?

Based on the simple fact that problematics and market patterns are significantly different over time, we advocate tailor-made solutions which perfectly fit current market conditions. For too long, finance has been too complicated, and we believe that, nowadays, common sense is key in a situation where many pre-established models have shown all their limits.

Our Team of experienced professionals, who have worked for many international investment banks worldwide, will assist you in any kind of corporate finance projects (Debt and Equity financing, M&A, Risk management, etc.), from the analysis stage to the implementation of the most suitable solution. We have grown our expertise by providing our clients with the right solution to their specific problematics.

A trading room represents a significant investment for companies. New Momentum provides all the services and requirements of a banking trading room, while nurturing long-lasting relationships based on trust. The risks arising from financial markets should not affect your results. You can have access to a wide range of products to protect your income and optimize your risk management, according to the specificities of your company.

Finally, New Momentum stands out not only because of its comprehensive solutions, but also because of its desire to improve your knowledge and experience with training provided by the New Momentum Institute.

As you can see, New Momentum is, above all, a global professional partner.

Our values

Result Driven

Coming from the most competitive positions, our experts have been able to refine the continuous search for results in their banks. Today, they are fully dedicated to our client’s needs and your goals will become theirs.
Our approach places you at the epicenter of our progress.

Freedom in Decision Making

Our independence allows us to take our decisions based solely on the interests of our clients.

Credibility from the field

New Momentum is a confirmed and active player on European financial markets, particularly on the Debt Capital Market where we have been involved in several billions worth of transaction in Bonds and Commercial Papers. It is this successful experience that we decided to expand to all our range of services.


We are convinced that a good market operator is, above all, a professional capable of overcoming crisis and market disturbances. That is the reason why, each project is led and supervised by experts with over 15 years’ experience within your industry.


Relationships are built over time. That is why we advise you in all your specific needs, in order to become your most reliable partner. We believe that a continuous and tailored attention is the only way to create a long lasting relationship.


New Momentum is regulated in more than 20 countries. Being regulated means more control on our activities and more safety for our customers. We follow strict requirements define by Financial European Authorities.

Our commitments



Our perspective is that no relationship is permanently ours and that we are putting our reputation at stake when completing each task. As a result, we require extremely high standards from ourselves. Consistent excellence is, in our opinion, the only way to consolidate a collaborative relationship.


Monitoring and assistance

Our service does not stop at the end of an advisory project or investment recommendation. We see our client as partners and we will continue to monitor the chosen solution and provide assistance along the way if necessary.



Our professionals are continuously searching for innovative opportunities to provide our clients with the most complete solutions. Our high-performance tools allow us to adopt new approaches to face the risks inherent in the capital markets.



Confidentiality is a key issue, so we choose solutions and follow processes assuring total confidentiality and high-level protection. Our clients remain owners of their information and control the diffusion of their data.



We have selected our data storage service among the most sophisticated solutions on the market. All data is securely encrypted. File hashing and segmentation also contributes to the anonymity of the stored data.

Our team


Former Traders from International Investment Banks

Traders can detect profitable opportunities thanks to their significant market knowledge.


Former Sales from International Investment Banks

Through their extensive client-oriented experience, they can establish relevant relationships with existing and prospect customers.


Former Structurers from International Investment Banks

They offer you the best solution by addressing your specific need with tailor-made products.



Their macro forecasts and financial analyses contribute to the effectiveness of the whole decision-making process.